Cesar De La Cruz is an aspiring photographer who works as a photo editor for Wade Griffith Photography in Dallas, Tx.
His commercial work consists of product & food and editorial portraiture. For his personal work, he loves photographing the beauty in the 'everyday' through introspection. He's a published artist who creates crafted conceptual work that has been exhibited in the DFW metroplex. 
He's detail-oriented and loves the challenge of balancing strobe and available light. He loves the process of taking the RAW image as a canvas and creating what he envisions with post-processing in Photoshop, Lightroom, and Adobe Premiere Pro. Professors and classmates say he is a technically skilled assistant, a hard worker, and brings a positive attitude throughout the day. He's passionate about helping others around him with his knowledge and is happy to share what he knows. 
As he recently graduated and is now working full-time, he aims to build experience and learn the ins and outs of the industry. His goal is to one day become an established product photographer in Dallas. In the meanwhile, He's continuing to deepen his knowledge by learning new skills as it will help build his portfolio, and wants to make more connections to build a reliable professional network.
His door is always open for anyone looking to contact him to build connections, or for any opportunities that may best suit him.
For any inquiries, go to the 'Contact' tab above and send him a message.
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